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  Why 3DS?


Why You Should Choose 3-D Solutions for Your Precision Tooling Requirements

We are committed to quality in the projects we complete and in our relationships with customers.
Quality Controls are an integral part of our operating procedures.
We pay attention to the details that ensure that our finished parts meet specifications and can be produced at the best cost.

Value Engineering
3-D Solutions is committed to providing tooling users with the best value in the business.  We believe that our responsibility extends beyond simply meeting minimum tooling specifications and standards. Our extensive experience enables us to identify potential production problems and reduce production costs to our customers.
In many cases we have added value to the project by suggesting tooling changes that improve customer productivity and/or quality.

Clean Release
Our tools are mold friendly. We suggest parting bank designs that pack sand tightly and enable the mold to pull cleanly.
Extra polishing in areas we know to be critical, provides better finishes and reduce "tear ups" which makes for an efficient running tool.

Less Finishing
By suggesting tooling modifications, we save customers grinding and finishing time.
Often our contributions to parting line direction and coreprint design produce cost savings.

Efficient Venting
Venting is important to efficient molding, We know how to design venting systems that increase quality and production rates.

Lower Part Costs
We help our customers provide their customers with products that are less costly to process.  We verify all customer supplied CAD models for fit and function.  We work with our customers to insure that the product "works" for everyone in the supply chain.  Machine stock, clamping pads and locators are all taken into consideration for tool design and development.

Shift Control
The two halves of our tooling consistently match!!! We provide a shift report with every set of tooling.

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