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  Why 3DS?


At 3-D Solutions we use the latest CAD/CAM technology in our production.  The best software ultimately leads to the best tooling for our customer.  Whether you need Modeling, Machining of an existing model, Blueprinting, Pattern and/or Corebox tooling,  Precision Investment tooling, or just General Machining, our software can meet your needs.


Pro-Engineer by PTC gives us clean, high quality models which are easily converted a number of ways for our CNC cutting packages.  By using Pro-Engineer our highly skilled modelers can design solid and surface CAD models.  Pro-Engineer allows us to make customer design changes to the CAD model in the least amount of time, to meet the customer's design needs.


WorkNC by Sescoi is a gouge proof 3-D machining package which allows our programmers to quickly tool path even the most complex parts.  Because of WorkNC's automatic machining capability, time spent on tool pathing is greatly reduced, allowing for quicker delivery times.


Cad/Cam Systems' MasterCam and DelCam's Powermill allow 2-D and 3-D machining of wireframes and surface models.  Our programmers use a combination of machining packages based on the part geometry  to insure the highest quality in the least amount of programming time.


No matter what your needs are, our technology is there to meet them.  We take pride in our quality, and we are always looking for ways to benefit from the latest technological advancements. __________________________________________________________________________________________


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